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There’s creativity and there’s creative genius. Adria Fox-Williams, aka “The It Girl”, has a flare for curating genius through interdisciplinary collaborations. Through Urban Alchemy's unique collaborations, Adria directs programs, projects and companies to influence sustainable change around the world. ... READ MORE

Social Media: Adria_theitgirl

The IT!Girl is a powerful connector, excellent communicator and a seer whose life passion is to be the bridge for people that will affect the world for the next 100 years. A master visionary, heart-centered creative genius, and community developer - Adria's working to form future visions communities and family legacies.


Adria is honored to work with amazing projects and companies - World Women Summit, California National Organization for Women, C4GS, Inland Empire Jazz Festival, The Nick Cannon Foundation,the National Education Awareness Tour, It's' Your Turn, E-Women Network, the EPIC Mastermind Experience, California Curl Green, Tia Ross & Company, Youth Success Week - Oceanside, GroundWorks San Diego, Blue Ribbon Worldwide, and Motivating the Teen Spirit, just to name a few. 


Adria holds a Bachelors of Science from Springfield College and is currently pursuing her Masters in Urban Development. Her brain smart, tech-savvy skills are a welcome addition to UA360.


As the Community Development Director of The George Greenstein Institute, an Applied Neuroscience R&D lab, Ms. Fox-Williams helped urban communities explore neuroscience through practical application, Adria worked along with Dr. M.A. Greenstein to curate summer neuroscience and architecture camps for youth and young adults. Inventio!Brains Labs & Chats currently organized as a direct result of her creative genius. Her vision is to use her diverse interdisciplinary skills to merge Neuro-linguistic with Urban Alchemy to Restore America’s communities.


This mother of three is just getting started. Her joy and passion for her life have inspired her children to begin developing brands of their own. The Lenz Photo Booth, Boyz With Scents, - a line of body care products young men developed with Dr. Willie & Cheryl Morrow - to bring the Art of Beauty & Science to youth across the nation and the HoodieFam Shop - a line of Hoodies designed by her youngest son. 

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