Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Community Response


The Coronavirus has shaken the foundations of our society, and even advanced organizations are not immune from its effects.

In order to do our part to flatten the curve and halt the spread of COVID-19 in our community and abroad, we are honored to partner with local organizations like I Am My Brother's Keeper, CDC, Pillars of the Community, and the volunteers who are tirelessly leading the charge in San Diego feeding ALL who need during this crisis.

- The UA360 Family

While most people are being asked to stay home...

We are grateful to the dedicated team of volunteers, and all others who are committed to serving the world community to ensure that we continue to provide for people facing hunger and those impacted by #COVID19 across the globe.

baaba maal

We are honored to raise our collective voice in solidarity with noted musicians, artists, athletes, intellectuals, and other respected voices from our global community to launch worldwide "COMMUNITY IMMUNITY" for our brothers and sisters in Africa most effected by the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

The initiative is brought to you by @SouthernAfricaTrust in solidarity with the @AfricaPhilanthropyNetwork and @TrustAfrica.

food bank

Our Alchemists in San Diego host healthy food options and FREE Groceries TUESDAYS at 4pm through generous contributions from Feeding San Diego, Amazon, Whole Foods, and other fresh resources at the Jacob Center.

Community partners I AM MY BROTHER'S KEEPER and PILLARS OF THE COMMUNITY are committed to connecting every person facing hunger with nutritious meals, especially in times of crisis. 


We are seeking healthy individuals to organize and distribute food for Emergency Food Bank & Delivery Systems.


In these challenging times. All resources are needed to support the emergency expansion of our program. Every dollar counts!


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