When we launched UA360 - we envisioned the world where the systems and status quo of commerce were shifted to support a new medium and network of exchange. That system is here! 

Welcome to UA360's Play It Forward sponsorships: A system where brands are doing good support the causes, people, and movements which have adopted the "Play IT Forward' methodology of giving.



  • Showcase Brand - Sponsor a suite custom named after your company or organization at our next Play It Forward event. Decorate to your delight and leave a gift bag for the guest. 
  • Your branding is featured on all website, social media and promotional materials.
  • Gift Bag Inserts
  • Housing included for overnight UA360 hosted experiences. 


  • All of the prior PLUS:
  • Our video crew will produce a one minute commercial/sizzle of your brand and actual user experience. 
  • You can select the charity of your choice for 1-hour of UA360 Media Consulting

play ALL WEEKEND Best Value!


  • All of the prior PLUS: 
  • Year round media exposure on
    UA360 Social Media Networks
  • UA360 Branded Doing Good Video for your promotional use.
  • Housing for two of your representaves at any Play It Forward Weekend event.
  • Present 1-hour presentation with reception during our Play It Forward event.
  • 2 VIP Tickets to all UA360 Play It Forward
    2017 playdates.

Sponsor a Game Changer or Social Leader

Just IMAGING giving your favorite Executive Director or Social Leader a 4-day break surrounded by people who think creatively like them and love to play for Social Good. Think of the connections they'll make, the new view on how to achieve their goals and much needed time to just RE-FUEL!

You see it? Yes. That's what we saw too!

3 Days / 4 NIGHTS

A great way to show them they are appreciated.